8 Ways to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

Do you want to save money on your home decorating costs, but still keep a designer look? Below are 8 fantastic ways to decorate your house on a budget.

1. Recycle old items

Re-using old materials is a great way to save money! Start by taking an inventory of furniture and objects in your house and try to view them from a different perspective. A wooden ladder could be a magazine rack or an old sink could be a plant potter.

We get used to seeing things in one way that we don’t even consider using them differently. You can even simply try moving your furniture or collectibles around, and you may find yourself in a space you love.

2. Paint

Painting is one of the easiest ways to completely change a room’s appearance and for an extremely low cost. Stretch your design limits by trying new colors or expanding into a new palette. For ideas, go to the paint store and ask for a few samples to bring home and try out. If you’re concerned about a color, you can buy a small container and test it first.

3. Make your own art work

Creating your own art work can be done by salvaging old materials and unearthed objects, or creating new pieces of art from canvasses, photographs, or a simple collage of similar, but interesting items like owl figurines or beautiful ceramics.

4. De-clutter your space

Clear out all your clutter and go on a full Spring cleaning “binge.” By freshening and brightening your home, you’ll instantly pull out its beauty for little more than the cost of a bit of elbow grease. A de-cluttered home is also safer.

5. Try new window treatments

Affordable and versatile, new window treatments are a great way to get maximum impact for minimal cost. For ideas, try browsing through a few home decorating magazines at your local library.

6. Start scouring the thrift shops

Once you have a design inspiration in place, start scouring thrift shops, flea markets, auctions, consignment shops and wholesalers for great deals on either pieces that fit your mold or fabrics you can use.

Carrying around your room measurements with you in case you stumble on a great find. You don’t want to buy a fabulous sofa at a garage sale only to find out it doesn’t fit through your front door.

Finally, remember that everything has more than one purpose. A ladder could become a magazine rack, a vintage stool could be a television stand and an old, copper sink could be the foundation for a center piece coffee table. Look at everything with a healthy dose of imagination.

7. Light up your world

Invest in new lighting that will instantly increase the feeling of space in your home while simultaneously updating its look.

8. Have fun

Never let yourself get overly stressed over a home decorating project. If you don’t get it done by Tuesday, the world won’t stop turning – so try to have some fun with it. Your relaxed and carefree attitude will come through in your work, and you will enjoy the benefits of the outcome for years beyond.