Designer Bathroom Suites vs Traditional Styled Bathrooms

When replacing your bathroom suite do not forget your shower. A new bathroom suite with a contemporary basin and bathroom taps that use modern technology to regulate the flow of water, will be spoiled if your shower is old fashioned. At Bathrooms2U we have a wide range of designer bathroom taps that will compliment any modest or more elaborate bathroom suite.

Traditional bathroom suites have not been overlooked as we realise that a set of new bathroom taps in a traditional style will often be enough to give a whole new look to a bathroom at a minimal cost. However, when changing bathroom taps a large percentage of customers decide to choose new bathroom cabinets or one of our newly designed shower doors or screens.

When planning to renovate a bathroom by moving it to another room altogether, it can be a task that can get out of hand if you have not made a shopping list of all the items you need to make sure the job runs smoothly. If you have moved the old bathroom suite and you are going to add a shower then why not look at the many shower doors or screens. The overall change in your bathroom will be apparent straight away and will be well worth any hard work that you put into it.

Choosing any one of the many shower doors or screens will make a huge difference to a bathroom. Plain or fancy, shower doors are a vital in stopping water from dripping on to the floor while at the same time giving a person some privacy. If you have trouble with space in your bathroom there are some shower doors that open up in the middle or slide to one side, thus making use of what space there is and at a cost effective price.