Dining Room Decor Tips

The dining room is more than just an arrangement of dining room chairs and dining tables; it is more than just the dining set or the actual furniture. It is a place where the family gathers each day for meals; it should be an ambience that is inviting and comforting as should be conducive for genial conversation. Your dining room should be such that when you entertain, the guests are as much admiring of the setting as the food you have prepared. So what can you do to make your dining room lovelier and more inviting than it is at present?

A Striking Rug: If you find that your dining room set looks rather bland or plain and that you need some color to offset it, consider getting a colorful and striking rug to place beneath the table. The rug should be big enough that the dining chair legs remain on the rug even when pulled all the way out. It should be small enough that it does not swamp the entire room; rather leaves a periphery of uncovered area all around.

Clever Lighting: If you have some interesting artifact on the wall or on the mantle or hutch of your dining room, you could try spot lighting to focus attention on that area. You could use spot lighting around the room for creating interesting areas if light and shadow. You can also used recessed lighting for creating light which is diffused rather than restricted to one or other area. Remember the lighting in the dining room should always be adequate enough; since this is the place where meals are taken and you want to be able to see what you’re eating! Mood lighting is not for the dining room; it is best confined to the living room or bedroom.

A Custom Tablecloth: A beautiful tablecloth can really set the tone for the evening when you are entertaining. You can have a custom tablecloth made to your requirements and the size and shape of your table; making it the base for the rest of your table settings for when you are entertaining. You can then color coordinate the place settings, the china ware, the runner and other items that you will place on the dining table.

Art on the Walls: Rather than crowd the wall with artifacts and objet d’art it is better to restrict the decor to one imposing piece of art on the wall. A still life or a beautiful natural scene; even some beautifully painted flowers can be a great idea for the wall of a dining room. They can add color and definition without being too distracting.

A Centerpiece: A center piece could form the focal point of your dining room set; it could be an elaborate candelabra or a simple vase or other decorative item that is suitable for the dining room table. Remember it shouldn’t be so big as to be overwhelming and shouldn’t be so small as to be insignificant. Also it should not be so light that it can tip over easily when passing dishes etc.