Fall in love with your own home decor!

When it comes to designing your home’s interior or exterior will look, you need to be really careful before deciding anything. If you’re staring at a pathetic excuse for a yard or just want to change the decor, be sure to start with a plan. Have a plan in your mind. Be creative and think out of the box so that your décor looks different and unique. Answer the questions below to decide on your plan, and you’ll be on the path to creating your perfect backyard living space.

What’s your style?

With so much in stores now days, one has the extensive array of outdoor decor available, this is your first and most important decision. Have you ever fallen in love with something in a store just to bring it home and discover it doesn’t fit in anywhere? Here is your chance to make that wish true buy that piece of furniture you have been adoring for so long. So look at what’s available in outdoor décor first – the styles are nearly endless, and you may fall in love with something you’ll want to design your backyard around.

What do you want to use the space for?

Space, space, space! Utilizing the space neatly and knowing how much space need to be decorated is important. Talk to everyone in the house and brainstorm together. You may want to keep the entire outdoor space in thick, green grass just for putting practice. Or you may want to have a decor for kids and another decor for adults. Do you cook outdoors, have a green thumb? How about an area for your pets? Want to show off your collection of garden statues? There a lot of things you can do, come up with creative ideas and design it accordingly.

What color is your, uh, umbrella?

Or outdoor serving dishes? Or favorite chair cushions? Maybe you’ve found that fabulous yard thing that decides the color for you – outdoor decor items can easily help you pick a palate. Considering its outdoor, think about color carefully before choosing it. Remember to consider colors already outside: siding and trim on existing buildings and fences, landscaping, maybe even the color of a neighbor’s garage, even the green garden! Think and decide.

Lighting – huh?

Oh and yes, lighting! Its effects together with the color theme. Yes, think about this – don’t make the mistake of forgetting about outdoor lighting till it’s too late. Plan for brighter lighting where you walk, cook and play, and softer lighting for entertaining and conversation. When it comes to palce where you are chilling and music, go for softer lighting, what about pond lighting – do you want lighting in the water, around it or maybe hanging over it? Outdoor lighting options today are fantastic – you can choose from traditional wired fixtures, solar power, candles, lanterns and an expanded selection of torches, including a new table top design. There are plenty of ideas you can choose from, plenty of furniture available in the market. So have fun designing it.