Flooring That Never Dates

Wooden floors were once the province of the rich, people who had time and money to maintain a highly polished surface to their home or had a maid or servant who could keep up the shine on the wood.

Nowadays wooden floors come finished which means that they don’t have to be polished daily, in fact a dust or a vacuum is all that is needed to keep them spick and span. Maybe after five years they may need re-finishing but this will only be if they have been subject to extreme wear and tear.

Installing a wooden floor is not a difficult thing to do either. In the past it meant sanding floorboards, filling gaps in between and generally having a house that wasn’t fit to live in for weeks. Now you can install laminate flooring in a weekend or get someone to install a professional solid wood or mechanical engineered floor for you.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying a wooden floor. You can choose the type of floor you want; laminate, mechanically engineered or solid wood. You can choose the type of wood you want; oak, beech, birch, olive, walnut etc and you can choose how you want to install it.

If you are interested in having a laminate floor, this is made from compressed pieces of wood made into strips which lock together to create a solid piece of floor, this could be something that you could install yourself. It is fairly easy to put together and with the right tools you can create a whole new look for a room in a weekend.

If you are interested in wood flooring a bit more suitable for heavy traffic you may want to look at the alternatives which will need professional installation. Mechanically engineered floors are created by attaching strips of solid wood such as oak to a more flexible base. This allows the planks some movement so that gaps between walls and floor are not likely. This will need a professional to install it though so can cost more money.

The other alternative is the most expensive one but the one which will last the longest. Solid wood flooring will create a permanent base to your home that will probably last longer than you do! Bespoke made to your rooms it is a great way to create a floor that will always adapt to different design changes and will look great for decades to come. Again this type of wood floor will need to be professionally installed but the results will be worth it!.