Garden Begonias

The begonia is a flower that is very popular in the Hawaiian Islands, but it is a flower than can be planted in most zones. You will find that there are many hybrids and versions of the begonia.

It is usually find in South or Central America, as well as, Africa and Asia. This is not a typical plant that you would find in most of the States or Canada, however, it can be planted in most zones. Often it will die after one year of planting.

This type of flower comes in colors of white, pink, red, and yellow. It is a very attractive flower and it can be compared to a rose. Often it looks like a rose in many cases, but you’ll want to keep in mind that this flower is the typical flower that you would find in an English garden. It can become a little shrub-like plant, but you’ll also find that this plant as a lot of potential in any garden.

They are light colored flowers with dark leaves. Often the leaves will look amazing too. They can come in colors and spots too. You’ll find that this is one of the most amazing plants to have in your garden because it can be classy and elegant, but it also a bit of modernization to the garden too. It is everything that you could ever look for in a flower.

When it comes to having the plant around the house, they look great in a hanging basket, but they also look great in a potted garden. Often people will have begonias in their potted garden, because it’s not a flower that gets too out of hand, but it’s a fuller flower. You’ll want to consider having this flower in the design of your landscape when it comes to having pots and planters outside.

Keep in mind that this flower is more of a shrub like, but it’ll stay close to the ground and expand in the width more than height. However, you can always use them as bedding plants for your outdoor gardens.

Just keep in mind that there are different types of begonias and you’ll find that some typically grow bigger than others, but you’ll need to keep in mind that the temperature outside needs to be perfect. There are hardy begonias that will work for the colder regions, but mostly this plant needs the heat to survive.

Begonias are very lovely to have for any home or garden, and they work well with most other plants. You’ll want to match them with other similar sized plants so that their beauty is not overtaken by other plants.