Home Organizing is for Everyone

When you consider home organization, remember access. Remember out of sight, out of mind. Think of removing things you’ve quit using, things that you’ve saved that have gone out of style, and things someone gave you that you really don’t want.

When you decide to organize your home, please keep in mind that if you make it difficult to keep things in order, all your hard work will be temporary and basically for nothing.

If you have children or frequent visitors, keep this in mind when deciding home organization. Using containers that are hard to open or shut or that make it hard to identify the contents will become a source of frustration. Also, if maintaining your efforts at organization is a chore, your family will be less likely to cooperate. Containers that are colored, pretty, easy to open, easy to identify, and that are within reach will appeal to your children and your guests.

If you have memorabilia that is clutter with value, consider donating it to someone who would appreciate it and use it or display it in their own home. Maybe a museum would like it if it is antique. Simplify your decorating to both reduce your clutter and your cleaning.

Get your children involved in organizing by allowing them to use their toys to help. Your home will benefit from the extra help and the memories you’ll create. If you have them involved, they’ll be more likely to take pride in keeping your home organized. They can use their wagon or doll buggy to pull trash to the trash can or if you’ll be moving items to another part of the room or house. They can set up their dolls on the sofa to “teach” the dolls how to organize as they help mom or dad.

Before you consider home organization complete, remember the refrigerator. People lose valuable time searching through their refrigerators because they don’t organize the contents. This is one reason to end up with green moldy leftovers or jars that were opened and the contents ruined because they were lost in the jumble. Putting leftovers in unmarked containers is a time waster. So is using a bowl for something that doesn’t match its markings. Opening a plastic cool whip tub and finding leftover potato soup can be disappointing. That’s like putting salt in the sugar bowl! It’s only fun for the one who didn’t get a mouthful of the wrong flavor.

Also, when organizing your home, consider that clear storage tubs will provide better results for easy and fast identification. It will also help you see when an item is nearing time for replacement or a refill.