Outdoor furniture- it adds glitters to your garden!

They are often called as garden furniture and patio furniture and is basically designed for decorating the outside of our house. As it is kept outside it’s should be made up of materials that are weather resistant. The garden of the Pompeii is the best and the best and the oldest example were Patio furniture is found. Normally this furniture is sold in a patio set in which a table ,6 chairs and a parasol is included, for having picnic or eating outdoors picnic table is used. The use of long chairs is the representation of chaise lounges Some parasols are specially designed to provide protection against the sun.

A special type of heater is also used that enables the people to sit outside during wn iter season The highest selling patio sets are generally mage up of wood, alimminium, wicker, wrought iron and plastic. The most commonly used material used to make furniture is the wood of teak tree. It is resistant to almost all weather conditions as well as fire, and acid too .there are often treated with certain type oils whish are used to treat the teak furniture is that they can cope up with the weather conditions properly.

Aluminum is also used to make such furniture because of its robust and long lasting capacity, but it is possible that it can be corroded easily. Wicker is also used to make patio furniture it is hardly woven fiber that takes the shape of rigid and hard material forming beautiful furniture. It is generally used for making baskets. It is basically made up of natural fibers such as plants, but sometimes plastics are also used. Outdoor furniture made up of resin is the most surprising element as well as natural, though recently recycled plastic is also used to make such furniture because of its durability. It is so very well prepared that it is often resembled to wicker and wood.