Showers for Contemporary Bathrooms Design

Not only showers are coming with varieties of ranges but also evolved with different functionality and you can’t add any shower that fits to your bathroom. You also should be aware of their functionality, making wrong choice will make all the decoration useless. Let us start some of the popular showers with their functionality bellow:

Electric Showers:

Electric showers are connected to your mains domestic supply, from which it draw water directly and heat it as it is used. The advantage of electric shower is that it heats the water you need to use not the whole water tank, which is safer than the tank fed system.

Electric shower is the best option for the houses where there is no hot stored water supply and well known for its versatility. They are easy to install and provide you continuous showering even if you have not stored hot water. Electric showers may not work properly in low water pressure.

Power showers:

Power showers are a combination of mixing valve with a pump in one complete unit and this integral pump helps to maximize the shower pressure by increasing the water flow from the shower head. The thermostatic valve maintains the proper temperature, even if the water flows else where within the home.

Power showers are available in both manual and thermostatic model. They are ideal for homes that have storage tank of cold water and a readily available supply of stored hot water.

Mixer showers:

If you are looking for a shower to install in your bathroom within your budget then mixer shower is the best choice for you. You can find these in various types such as: manual, thermostat, pump powered and pressure balanced types. Thermostatic mixer is the most commonly used in homes. Due to in-built thermostats it heats the water to specific degrees which is greatly depending upon the surrounding temperature.

If we make a comparison then mixer showers give high flow rate than electric showers, but power shower is much powerful than these two unless you put an additional pump to enhance the water flow.