Tips on How to Care for your Plants

There are only a few things you really need to consider when it comes to house plants. Maintaining plants and having them flourish may be easier than you think.

1. Over-watering is a common cause of death for houseplants. You can see if the soil is dry by sticking your pinkie down into it a ways. If it is damp wait another day before watering and check again. Don’t water until the soil is dry to the touch.

2. Feeding of plants should be done in their most active growth period. Slow release fertilizers for houseplants are available to take the guess work out of nutrition. Some plants such as cacti and orchids have special fertilizer needs. You can get all the information you need from the company you order plants online from.

3. Lighting is of course essential to most plants however some plants like semi shade and some, like Sanseveria and Aspidstra require no sun. Again you want to learn the needs of the plants you order before finalizing your order so that you know if you can accommodate the plant’s needs. Dead plants just aren’t any fun.

4. Temperature is a decisive factor for plants, not warm enough they die, to hot they wilt and eventually die, not fun. You should not put a plant next to the air conditioner or directly in front of the heater. Treat plants with care and they will give you much pleasure for a long time.

5. Humidity is important and during dry seasons you may want to mist your plants with a spray bottle one or more times a day. You could put a pan of water in the area of the plants so that evaporating water dampens the air. Grouping plants close together may help create a micro climate that is humid as well.

6. Re-potting is needed when the plant outgrows the container it is in. You can check by turning the pot upside down and tapping till the plant dislodges from the pot. Inspect the soil to see if there are foots visible, if roots are all you see guess what you need to re-pot. If you lift the pot up and see roots shooting out of the bottom then you need to re-pot. You plant will say “thanks a lot, for the re-pot”

Indoor plants give the home a comfortable cozy feeling and caring for them is really quite simple as you can see. Enjoy you plants and they’ll be a comfort and pleasure for you.